Is this a game engine or a shader compilation simulator?

I start a blank project from the Movies tab of the launcher, this is nothing more than a SkyLight and a small square platform for a floor, no starter assets or anything loaded.

The launcher needs to compile 3000 shaders at 45%, then it compiles 8000 shaders at 70%, then it finishes and opens the editor, only to compile another 8000 shaders. Spending more time launching the engine than actually using it sure is fun, especially when despite having a 3950X the engine seems to compile worse than if I had an ancient 4790K or something, I compile about 2000 shaders in UE4 faster than I compile 100 in UE5.

What the hell is going on?


I don’t have this problem. It only did that when I started the engine for the first time and then it’s as expected when opening large projects.

yes i confirm, this happens only the first time and that was like that also with all previous versions… ue5 is starting up in not even half the time than his predecessor!!!

Should only need to do this…

  • At first launch, and
  • When changing major rendering settings (Lumen, hardware RT, etc…).

Otherwise it’s already committed the compiled shaders to the DDC and should boot almost instantaneously afterwards.

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