Is this a Bug?

Basically The physics in my grenade system is acting oddly.
I have a custom event that triggers code to make the grenade explode and create a radial force in the area. Its called when certain conditions are met like the pin is removed and the grenade is thrown.
The Issue is that the ue4 mannequins just slump on the floor.
But If I connect the event begin play node directly to the very same Custom event code EG: it auto arms the grenade and then I Throw it , the mannequins respond correctly so I know the code is just fine.

Cant seem to solve this :frowning:

Starting to loose hope here!
Asked this question on here 4 times now and once on the answer hub . Not had a single reply.
This is the Issue thats preventing me from releasing this project. and I have been stuck on it for a month

It is hard to notice a difference in the video, Sometimes it is good to just leave it as it is, and come back later. Also sometimes it helps when you just sleep, and the next day you have a fresh idea what you could try. Only briefly worked with radial damage, but also found it somewhat oddly behaving.

So, for radial damage, I think you need to have the actors have to be physics actors? Which is tricky with skeletal mesh actors (simulating physics per bone or entirely…), adding force or impulse? Sorry cannot offer more atm.

Here is the Grenade code ,

And here is The UE4 mannequin code .

I had to use the apply radial damage node because I didn’t know how else to set the simulate physics on the mannequins so the could receive the radial force.

Ok After some more exhaustive testing I think I may have solved it for the most part
I changed the mannequin response to this then matched the Radial force setting that are in the grenade BP and Just re-spawned the radial force directly in the Mannequins own BP using the world position of the radial damage event.
Its not Ideal because now it will respond the same way to every radial damage event
If there is a better way of getting the settings directly from the Grenade BP itself Without casting I would Like to know.

Also I discovered that the apply radial damage (Damage Prevention Channel) is key as it works on some stuff but not on others. Need to keep at it because walls that break are still blocking the radial damage from simulating the player even if they shatter around them :frowning: