Is there way to spectatorPawn DefaultMovement lock

i want make a game to be operated by spectator pawn.

because, my game no character.

just stratgygame.

so, i make a spectatorpawn class and play.

i didn’t make function about movement, but i work

it can move by w,s,a,d key.

also by e,q key and camera turn…

i don’t intend this. how can i prevent this movement.

i just custmize my function about movement.

Yep. I found that value,so set false that value.

But still move by default binding

There’s a boolean property of ADefaultPawn that can be used to disable default bindings. It’s called bAddDefaultMovementBindings. Look at it in your spectator pawn properties.

Sorry, I forgot GameMode to Set DefaultPawnClass.
It work well :slight_smile: