Is there still no solution to AI pawn avoidance?

I still looking for a solution where Pawns with floating Movement can avoid each other with Navigation.

The exact problem is, when pawns moving to one place to other they not avoid each other and so stuck in place.

When you say floating movement you mean they’re flying pawns? UE4 only has a navmesh for the ground. There’s a flying nav mesh plugin called DoN’s 3D Pathfinding for Flying AI, however, it’s only compatible up to 4.23. Someone may have got it re-compiled for 4.27 though. Alternatively, if they’re just floating slightly above the ground, I’d use a regular pawn and just fake the floating with the mesh and animation.

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Hi first of all, its a Top-Down game, so they should move in a 2D space (X and Y axis). I used Floating Pawn movement component because -as I know- MoveTo nodes not working without movement component. As my pawns are ships, they can’t be characters or wehicles. also DoN’s 3D Pathfinding is long not supperted (as I rember 4.22).

Yeah, so if it’s an RTS game you can fake the floating. They can still be a character, the capsule component is what is actually moving through the world, and it’s invisible. Then you just make your animations to give it the look of floating/flying. Your idle animation can just be some bobbing movement, and your “Walking and Running” can be flying animations. Unless they’re actually moving on the Z axis, you don’t actually need a custom nav mesh. This is how games like Dungeon Siege and Titan Quest handle their flying creatures.

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Technically it should be something like Blasted Road Teror, but with spaceship. It’s in Top-Down view (I using orthographic view). I already have the meshes, and they are static meshes (as no skeleton needed), I guess I can add an extra static mesh component, and leave the animation b lueprint blank.

You might want to animate them as it would make things look a lot less static. Just a simple animation like a boat bobbing in the water or something. Do you not know how to animate a static mesh in Blender? It’s a really easy process to learn. But yeah, absolutely no need to not use the standard character and nav mesh unless there’s movement in the Z axis. Good luck!

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I planning to use other technik for floating on water, but I can animate in Blender so I will do a work around.