Is there still a way to load an object without loading whole package?

It looks like whenever an object is requested the whole package that contains it gets loaded. I even found the reason why, in StaticLoadObjectInternal():

// now that we have one asset per package, we load the entire package whenever a single object is requested
LoadPackage(NULL, *InOuter->GetOutermost()->GetName(), LoadFlags & ~LOAD_Verify);

I can totally see that this is much faster since assets only contain one object.


Maps contain many objects and whenever one is requested the whole map gets loaded which is completely unnecessary in my case since I only want to query some information from it. :frowning:

  1. Is it going to be addressed in the future? Perhaps a special flag can be added to tell it to only load one object.
  2. Is there a temporal workaround for that?

Thank you!