Is there some way to disable AI Perception at runtime?

Hi, I just recently made the switch from Pawn Sensing to AI Perception for my enemy AI. In Pawn sensing, there was a way to disable the sensing at runtime, but I’m unable to do the same with AI Perception. I’ve tried disabling it with ‘Set Component Tick Enabled’, but it still registering stimulus using it’s hearing sense. I’d like to turn it off during certain situations like say, when a bot is stunned or incapacitated temporarily, for performance reasons. Is there some way to turn it off natively using the perception and not rely on external conditions to check the bot state every time?

I face the same problem. I think that function provided to turn off component and their tick doesn’t work at all

There’s a function in code called “UpdatePerceptionWhitelist” on the Perception Component that’ll get this done.

Is it better to use SetSenseEnabled instead of calling UpdatePerceptionWhitelist directly?