Is there some sort of access to root motion data?


do we have some sort of access to root motion data in Blueprints or Animation BP?
What I mean is if I could for example read the start and end position/rotation of the root bone without playing the animation or before playing certain animation?


Could you subtract the Root Bone world position from the blueprints/actor world position?

But how exactly would you get the Root Bone position at the end of an animation without playing it?
Let’s say I want to make a blueprint where you can add a few animations and print out vector length between root bone position at the start and end of the animation.

Could you set the animation time to the last frame for one tick, run the subtraction, then set it back again? Isnt this something which would be the same for every individual animation? Could you not just work it out then store it as a variable somewhere. Then Say call the the variable if the animation = the animation your looking for.

I guess something like that could be done, but I was hoping for some more straightforward solution :slight_smile:

Looks like Anim Modifiers could be the way to go.

Came across a cheap plug in last week that gives you everything you could possible be looking for considering root data :slight_smile: