Is there no EliminatedEvent for the Creature Spawner Device?

Am I missing something here? I’m trying to access this in Verse:

But I get “Unknown member EliminatedEvent in creature_spawner_device.” for this:


I tried with some variations like .CreatureEliminatedEvent(), but none of them seems to exist and I can’t find documentation about it either. It works if I do it from Creative mode. Is this a missing API call?


I think so… and I need this so hopefully they add this soon!

Looking at the docs it doesn’t look like any members exist on that device yet:

Like you mentioned, it looks like you might have to set it up through Creative mode for now instead.

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I did notice the sentry spawner has the elimination event you can subscribe to but other’s don’t seem to allow subscribing.

for the creature and wildlife spawners what I did was place an ‘elimination device’ set the creature type there then subscribed to the event on that device.

so when I killed a wolf or another creature that’s set in my elimination device it triggers - this also works with creature device.

abc:elimination_manager_device = elimination_manager_device{}


//do something

only prob I’ve had with this is if I place multiple elimination devices with the same creature and disable all but one the disabled ones still trigger the event.

   # Signaled when a qualifying elimination occurs.
    # Sends the eliminated `agent`.
    EliminatedEvent<public>:listenable(agent) = external {}

    # Signaled when a qualifying elimination occurs.
    # Sends the eliminator `agent`. If the eliminator is a non-agent
    # then `false` is returned.
    EliminationEvent<public>:listenable(?agent) = external {}

As part of the 24.01 patch notes, they removed the EliminatedEvent from the Creature Spawner API and a bunch of of other events from the Guard Spawner and Wildlife Spawner as well. You can read the patch notes here: 24.01 Release Notes

They do say that “The following API in AI devices have been removed. They will return in the future with an improved API”.

So at least they are coming back at some point. For now you can hook into them using devices. It’s a pain but it’s better than nothing.

This has been added in the 25.10 patch!