Is there more comfortable displaying of variable values in debug mode?


Does UE4 have more comfortable displaying of variable values in debug mode?

Is it possible to put displaying of the variables and their values to the Debug panel as in, for example, IDE NetBeans’ Debug panel of the Java variables?

Now I have a lot of values in my BP’s Array and I can’t analyze them…

Still not resolved

There currently no way to do so i guess

Only alternative i know is “GetAll” and “DisplayAll” command, you use it like this:

GetAll  <Class Name> <Variable Name>
DisplayAll  <Class Name> <Variable Name>

They will display variable status of all objects of specific class, if you leave VarableName it will show all objects of specific class. Difference between GetAll and DisplayAll, is that GetAll prints output in to console (which you can scroll, that can be helpful for you) and DisplayAll displays live status of varable on HUD (you can “DisplayClear” to disable it). This command also work for C++ variables visible in reflection system (via UPROPERTY()).

Also insted of typing “Still not resolved” every week, go submit feature request in to feedback forum.


Thank you for you response!

What is “feedback forum” and what URL it has?

Opss, i wanted to clean the comments as you been using to bump it and i mistakely delete legitimate comment. Sorry for whom posted that comment >.< It was somethign about that you can do that in C++ in VS but not in blueprint

Well you can see it right away when you enter forum