Is there in-app purchase for PC?

Is there in-app purchase for PC ?
Doc talks only about mobile setup.

Hi, just to clarify: In-App purchases have to call a specific API from a store that you want to use. The most popular options for that on PC are Steam, Microsoft Store and Epic Launcher. So you would have to find a library or Unreal plugin that connects to the ones that you want to use. I did a quick search on the market place but I only found this plugin for Steam, and none for the others:

Note that the description does not say if it supports in-app transactions, so this needs to be checked.

I would expect there is a solution for Epic Launcher as well since Epic probably wants to make money from this :slight_smile: But I found nothing on the market place. Maybe it’s included in the engine by default?

I want to use Epic Online Service, but if there is no solution available I guess I’ll have to use Steam SDK instead.

Or maybe this :

Yeah that looks like the way to go. Maybe someone with in-app purchase experience in Unreal Engine can have a final say. I only worked on in-app purchases outside of Unreal, but for me this looks like a good place to start.