Is there away to create and OSL shader in ue?


I am an artist looking to create a world with such texture. I’ve created these images and animations with Octane renderer in C4D using OSL coded material. If you check the atttached clip, it runs through the bodies, or can work as a spatial texture, so bodies would navigate through it like open containers. If not possible, what would be the closest effect to achieve this?


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Hey, this is not something I know much about, but if you are still stumped, I’d recommend also asking at They have an unreal subforum and there is at least a few unreal shader guru’s who frequent there and may be able to help.

I have no idea if this tech-artist is available for consulting or not, but he’s an expert with this sort of thing so you might send him a message on artstation and ask: ArtStation - Lee Devonald

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You can do this with a custom stencil depth buffer and post process material.

See this

The material applied to the people is also a world aligned material.


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In fact forget the world aligned part, this is on the right track:


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