Is there anyone have a tutorial about Level streaming Volume?

Hi guys!

I would like to learn how to use level streaming volume.

I tried to place the volume into the default map, but nothing happen, nothing is disappearing nor reappear when i touch the volume.

Also i know load level streaming can be use, but i think that level streaming volume will be more suitable for what im doing right now.

Is there any tutorial talk about this?

I don’t really understand by just reading unreal documentation.

Appreciate your help

have you try to open the map “level_streaming” from “content examples” free project and check the different settings shown in ?

Here is a tutorial but not sure if it applies for the latest version of Unreal Engine.

ryanjon2040 - Thx for the video, but its not what i want actually.

fen - I didnt realize content example have such things inside, but it didnt help much also
because the thing is i don know how to add a streaming level as one of the streaming element into the volume, and this had not taught in content example

But i did find out how to do it.

Just have to summon the level details, choose the streaming level u want to stream with volume.

Tq for your reply Fen