Is there any website that I can just download a 3D Model and import it to UE4?


I have been trying to import 3D Models from blender and 3ds max and it is just way to complicated to switch all of the files names and try to get it imported. I just want to have models that I can simply download and import to UE4 like a Palm Tree. Is there any website that I can just download a 3D Model and import it to UE4?

Thanks So Much for your help! :slight_smile:

It has good Models, however I cannot just download it and import it to UE4. I have to switch all of the file names and all of that complicated stuff.

There are plenty of free models available on the internet. pretty awesome.

Just google it.

Hi Creative Games,

As Crocopede suggested there are plenty of websites out there that offer free 3d models. However, the problem that you will run into is dependent upon what that websites rules are for their models. If there are not set rule established about the content or anyone checking behind them then most likely the models will not be game ready.

Often times models on these sites are not available in a format that can be directly imported into UE4, such as Obj or FBX. They are in their native format for Blender, Max, Maya, etc.

Another thing is that a lot of them are not game-ready either. They often have a high poly count, degenerate verts, ngons, and a whole other host of problems that will limit them from functioning properly in a game engine.

There are plenty of free assets available in the projects that we’ve provided for you to use in your games. You can open each of these projects and migrate over the assets you would like.

ie. If you need a Palm tree there is one available in Content Examples named “Palm.”

I hope this helps.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


Download model. Import into blender. Save as obj or fbx and import into UE4 :slight_smile:
But as Tim Hobson pointed out. The models will usually not be in a greate state.

Personally… if you have very little time or experience.
Download the models that are royalty free and use something like 3dcoat to retopo the model. Or use blender.

There is no way around it really. If you want something game ready you gonna have to make it so.

Hi Tim,

I have found the Palm Tree in the Content Examples and I have downloaded it and imported to my game, and It is just Black and White I tried exporting the textures for the Palm Tree but it makes files called .COPY or .T3D and it won’t allow me to import those files. How do I get the textures imported? Also if I get the textures imported do I have to do anything to the Palm Tree or will the textures automatically go on the Palm Tree?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Are you using the Migrate function for the asset?

Using this will allow you to transfer everything that is tied to that asset.

Ie. If you export the palm tree it will export the materials and textures along with it.

If you’ve already used the Migrate option and are having the issue still, let me know and I’ll see what’s going on! :slight_smile:

Tim is a 3D model search engine. You can see the models in 3D on browser.