Is there any way we can get the animation from Metahuman Creator?

Inside the Metahuman Creator, there are lots of testing animations provided and they are awesome especially the facial animations.
Because I need to make post-edit to Metahuman characters, I would like to have those animations in my unreal project for testing.
I found the lighting presets but cannot find the animation.

If the animation is not downloadable, is there any clue how the facial animations are captured or made? I believe it is not simply capture from an iPhone.

Thank you


Have you found a way? I am also looking for it

I too would like to know if this is possible. I did find this though for facial poses: MetaHumans Facial Pose Library Quick Start | MetaHuman Creator Documentation

sorry, no. :pensive:

I am looking for this folder too because the document saying there should be a facial pose library when we download the common/common folder, but in fact there do not exit. Is there any way to report this bug to official people?