is there any way to using aar?????? (aar require build.gradle...)

I have problem with aar library when build unrel engine android project.

few? month ago, I made a question using android play services 9.0.x(aar).. how to solve this problem?? with UE 4.13 - UE4 AnswerHub ].

Unreal Engine 4 start support using AAR(extract to java project …) from 4.13.

But don’t using build.gradle.

So, there is problem.
AAR’s androidmanifest.xml contain like this. “${applicationId}.firebaseinitprovider”

I can’t replace ${applicationId} except writing hardcoding to androidmanifest.xml before build AAR library.

Is anybody couldn’t resolve this?..

…modifying unreal build tool for build.gradle??..

Hello sangpan,

I don’t know what exactly you want to do, but i was trying app invites in android too. At some point i think i noticed this error. But in the end i just used the jar files for every dependency required and didn’t bother with the rest files in the aar. I had a problem receiving the dynamic links and process it from main activity though couldn’t get it to work. The app invites dialog seems to work fine though. But again i don’t know what you need to do in your app. If hardcoding the applicationId works then just use it. I used a custom merged res folders for facebook sdk integration too. AAR files can cause lot of problems with Unreal.

When using android studio
${applicationId} can be replaced by build.gradle setting. (google say

then i want similar something.
replace AAR’s AndroidManifest.XML including keyword like “${applicationId}” when android compile time. (automatically replace manifest content)

Surely, It’s normal using AAR : that include androidmanifest.xml replaced ${applicationId} to “com.abcdefg.hijklmn.~~” before build AAR library. (manually replace manifest content like your said)

I’ve found for making AndroidManifest.xml changes it’s best to do it in your UPL script file. This way you gain the versatility of string replacement and dumping in configuration values from your plugin settings. Packaging with aar files I use only the aar files and other meta data, artifacts or manifest modifications I do through the plugin UPL this seems to avoid alot of issues.

were u able to find a solution ? if so can u provide instructions ?

I don’t think I’ve had to do what you are describing yet but I would approach likely either extending UBT or postBuildCopies tag in UPL. In postBuildCopies you could create a tag or some kind of element to open AndroidManifest.xml and do a search replace of applicationId.

I would open the AAR (it is a ZIP file) and look at the AndroidManifest.xml. Just use the androidManifestUpdates section in a UPL file to add the equivalent to the manifest with the {applicationId} replaced with the package name which you can get like this:

<setStringFromAttribute result="PackageName" tag="manifest" name="package"/>