Is there any way to use one variable in two bluebrints

I have a variable attached to the player but I need to access it in another blueprint

In this (1st picture) blueprint I’m trying to access the variable in the player blueprint

In the 2nd picture I am trying to set the variable in the player blueprint



Hi , you can access variables stored in other blueprint , using all the function and event that give you the reference at the blueprint you want to access.
For example , get all actor of class. or event hit, or raycast , or any…

Search for all the Player2 Actors in the game, take the first and set his PlayerLevel variable +1
Using a variable of the right tipe, you can store the reference to your player, if it exist from the first.
and then using the cast to , call his custom event, or access his variable.

That doesn’t work for me. I’m not working between 2 players. I’m working between 2 actors

Here a working example.

2 Actors that use the same variable.
the variable is stored in Actorbob , that is an actor.
Monkeyjane(actor), read and change the variable in actorbob.
Monkeyjane walk forward only if actorbob variable is off.
but you can use any variable to do anything.

just find the actor reference and cast to him.
This time i added manually the reference to Actorbob in Monkeyjane.
you can use any event or function that return a reference to actor.