Is there any way to select all actors in a level and scale them down uniformly at the same rate?

hi guys
i bought something from the market place, a house, but the scale is all messed up. Objects are way too big(and walls, etc) 
I tried making them all in a group and scaling it down, but it seems like some objects scales are already at 2’s 2.6’s, 1’s etc, which makes them all scale down at different rates.

Is there such a thing on how to scale the whole thing by the same amount without messing all the objects up?

please advise.

You just select everything, switch to scale mode ( press R ), and then grab the CENTER ( the cube shaped bit ) of the widget and drag. It will scale everything uniformly, but you may find the location of objects changes. Nothing you can do about that…

thats what i did… but since some of the objects already have different scales its not really working out

Hmmm… It’s a little hard to tell without seeing it happen, but another thing you do is select a group, right click and choose ‘merge actors’ and try that.

I can’t duplicate your problem here…