IS there any way to remap Resources?

I was trying to reduce the metal ingot crafting time, I did it, But for that I had to remake the reforge completely, and the game thinks the metal ingot is different from the other one! I wish there was a way to remap it or change this, otherwise this needs to be implemented for resources cause I dont want to remake every item in the game to use this new metal.

For making a change to something vanilla you need to know what the core component, or the component that the vanilla components are using, I will explain the fertiliser system to you to try and give you a feel for how it breaks down.

To create a new fertiliser you need to create a child of the fertiliser_compost class, you can’t do it under consumable_p00p because the game won’t allow you to “craft” a p00p child, and you can’t do it under fertiliser_base because that’s the parent of fertiliser_compost.
A crop can accept and use a fertiliser_compost child, it can be added into plots and won’t have an issue, however you now need a new inventory somewhere that can craft this new recipe.

Vanilla inventories can’t be modified, they are core components of the ark dev kit and it will simply ignore all changes to them and not cook them, so you need to make a new inventory, for that you need a non child structure/base blueprint to stick it in, this means you have to create a brand new building/device for anything you add, so best to make something cool that does multiple things.

For your new ingot recipe you need:

  • new structure
  • new inventory
  • new recipe
  • new engram

You will need to recreate all other things you want it to be allowed to create (gasoline etc…), you can make the new items a child of the core items, and then anything looking for the core item, will use your child item too… but they can’t stack on each other, so change their icon and name and just say it’s a different thing (i.e. iron alloy 43).

If your new resource is a child of the old resource, everything that uses the old resource, will also use your new resource. This way, you don’t have to re-do every item in the game with metal ingot in it’s recipe.

do you also have to replace all the rocks/veins on the map if you modfi a metal ressources? cause i have maded a child bp for both the ressoruces and harverstcomponent but i do not get the modfied 1 when i harverst a metal vein

Nope! Not unless you completely added a new resource in that doesn’t replace a currently existing one. Just use the remap resource array in PrimalGameData_BP_YourCustomNameHere to change it from the vanilla one to your duplicated & modified version :smiley:

Also Mustang is very right about creating children of existing resources. You don’t need to remap everything like Aku was saying. That would only be for adding an entirely new resource in.

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i did create primal ressourcemetal child> replaced it with the primal ressorucemetal in masterlist in my modded primalgamedata>remap ressoruces components>from class primalressoruces metal to class primalressources metal child>saved and compiled>puttet my primalgamedata in the overide and still i not getting the child ressource metal i maded out from the metal veins can it be that my game data is just copyed and not a child?

found the issue it was cause i had too remap the harverstcomponent since i can’t directly remap the ressource itself

There ya go :smiley:

Was just checking in to see the status of this issue and I’m glad to hear you got it figured out.

Adding new resources always requires duplicating and remapping the harvest component as well. Was going to mention that in this response, but you already beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any further questions feel free to shoot me a PM on here and I’ll do my best to help you out

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