Is there any way to open the file browser?


It would be better to retrieve the save file names and use those to load your saves. And use the default save folder of the game. You can use Ixiguis’s solution to retrieve save file names from the default folder: Here

I use a similar function in my game Gunsmith and it works perfectly. The other main reason is that using the OS file browsers is not permitted for packaged/release builds as it is against ToS, so if you still want a file browser, you’ll have to make/find a custom one.

Hope this helps.

Hi everyone !

I’m currently working on a Save/Load system, and I’m trying to find a way to open the File Browser to select the file to load. I came across the Windows method GetOpenFileNameA , but it generates a lot of errors, apparently caused because of Windows.h :

When I include “Windows/MinWindows.h”, I can’t access the method I want. Does anyone has an idea on how to achieve this ?

Hi,Nae Sama.Sure its possible take a look at this tutorial it will help you how to use the File System interface in UE4.

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Thanks, it works very well ! The only problem is that using IDesktopPlatform causes the build to crash :confused:

If you ever need something like this you can find it in my post below!

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