Is there any way to make the head invisible or weld the camera to a specific point on the head?

I am using the Animation Starter pack, but i moved the camera to the head to put it in first person

the only problem is, when i run and look slightly up, i can see the head on the screen

is there a way to make the head invisible so i cant see it or weld the camera to a specific point on the head so the camera is always at the location of the character’s eyes so that it wont ever be behind the head during my animations?


you need a modular character (google it if you don’t known the concept), at least head + body, then in your character bp click in the head mesh, there are a option for hide to camera.

You should be able to get the component and use HideBoneByName(FName BoneName, EPhysBodyOp PhysBodyOption) to completely hide the head bone. This is accessible in blueprints too and will hide the specified bone and all children. Attaching the camera to a mesh socket in the correct location should then work correctly.

Check out the VR Project example on the community tools section of this forum, the dude who created that has made a modular character for us to use, it’s helped me understand that approach a lot.

I’m assuming this will work with a SceneRender as well?

Hi, i really find **HideBoneByName **very useful, but there is a way to keep casting shadows after hiding bones?