Is There Any Way To List Listen Servers?

Hello, for my multiplayer game I have a listen server that is created when a button is clicked for testing purposes, I then have a find session node that creates a button on a server list that allows the player to join that specific server.

The problem is that I can only see this listen server locally, I’d like to be able to list these servers so others can see when a server is being hosted.

The server works as people can join when they type “open IP” in the console.

Any help would be appreciated thank you!

You will need to use Steam or make your own matchmaking server that keeps track of available servers if you want to use the Session framework to find servers. If you use the Null OnlineSubsystem it will only find LAN sessions by default.

You can use this solution to to run a master server on Windows / Linux and get a list of game servers using the UE4 plug-in.