Is there any way to keep the rotational physics locked while still rotating a component?

I want regular physics on while the rotation physics is locked which works. But I want to change the orientation of the objects with blueprints(non-physics means). Is this possible? It seems locking rotational physics locks all forms of rotation.

Austin Burbridge

Not sure if I understood you right but you can constraint axes for physical objects and also work with local rotations. This, combined with component parenting, gives you quite a bit of options when it comes to handling rotations. There is also Transform Rotation which translates from local to world space.

Again, somehow I feel I did not answer your question.

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I created a motorcycle and set X axis rotation to locked. This works great until you turn 90 degrees and then you will fall over because it look like the locking of the axis is in world rotation not local rotation. Is there anyway to work around this?