Is there any way to import vertex colors?

First, can an FBX be imported that contains vertex colors? Second, is there another way to import the data of vertex colors? For instance, Obj’s from Zbrush have vertex colors in the obj file - which apparently only xNormal supports. After much searching I’ve yet to find anything that will covert their unique obj writing to an FBX. However, I’ve looked over the Obj format and I can isolate the actual data, would their be a way to import that data and put it onto a model/ material? I understand this isn’t entirely in the scope of UE4 and I’m not complaining. I don’t want to dote over it. Just curious what some people prescribed approach to such a thing would be pertaining to getting that data into UE4.

You mean this?

That is good documentation but it appears to focus on using Unreal tools to “create” vertex colors from scratch. For the artist types, most of them will be using Zbrush/ mudbox/ 3d coat to paint their models with intricate vertex colors. I was more wondering about how to import already existing vertex color data into UE4?

During the import process Open up the Advanced section and Replace Vertex Colors, this will pull in the vertColors you apply in Maya/Max etc.

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