Is there any way to have seperate textures for brick and grout based on a height map or world position information?


So I have a wall that has a lot of polygons so I can’t use vertex painting here to blend between the textures. I would like to be able to have a lighter material on the actual brick and a darker material within the grout. Is it possible to use the world position or a height or displacement map of the original brick texture i used to sculpt the walls to drive this texture?

Someone had advised me to try and bake vertex colors in blender and then use those maps to drive the textures but any other solutions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there!
Do you have a heightmap of the brick wall?
That shows clear distinction between bricks(white) and grout(black)?
If yes, then simply plug that map into a lerp of some kind to mask out the different parts
to do whatever you need in those area’s.