Is there any way to get the binary package from the source code UnrealEngine?

There are a few people that make the game on the Unreal Engine.

They can be roughly divided into programmers and content makers.

Currently the content-maker build editor from the source code, although ideally it is necessary to build the project on a build-farm and give him already compiled version.

How to organize it?

Just to confirm; are you wanting to distribute a custom-compiled version of the Editor to your artists/designers?

If so, the approach that is taken internally is to commit binaries (including .pdb files, for crash reporting) into Perforce from the build machines. We don’t commit every build that we get from the build farm, only ones that have passed a QA smoke test (what we call ‘promoted’ builds).

Artists/designers then sync the ‘promoted’ build from either P4V or a custom app/script.

The main problem is that to pour into the version control system pre-compiled binaries need some separate place.

Which means we need some way to get a scattering of files, similar to the one that lies in the stock installer.

I think I understand what to look for: I need to build “Rocket” editor.
Now I try undestend how to do it.

Found solution:

Engine\Binaries\DotNET\UnrealBuildTool.exe UE4Editor Win64 Development -DEPLOY -buildrocket
Engine\Binaries\DotNET\UnrealBuildTool.exe UE4Game Win64 Development -DEPLOY -buildrocket -Monolithic
del Build\SourceDistribution.txt
del GenerateProjectFiles.bat

Need to save files:

  • **/Binaries/**
  • Engine/Intermediate/Build/Win64/Inc/
  • Engine/Intermediate/Build/Win64/UE4Editor/**.lib