Is there any way to get objects at a specific location?

I need a way to grab an actor at at a specific location, but can’t find any useful way to do this. The current way I’m accomplishing this is by getting all actors of class and checking each one of their locations to see if one of them is in the right spots, but I’m hoping to find a way to just check the location for an actor instead. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

try making a new actor with a ‘trigger box’ component, then, in the event graph, put a ‘get overlapping actors’ node

put the trigger box in the location you want to grab from

Ugmoe is right, if you create a trigger box the overlap event will return the overlap actor.
You can then determine the size of the trigger box yourself, which would be the distance from which you can grab the actor.

It does not matter where you put the trigger box on, it can be on your object, but also on your character itself.
Personally I think it makes more sense to do it on your character, then not every object needs a trigger box.

Hopefully, this will help you.

Or you could do a trace:

Thanks for the help, I like that solution, spent so much time looking for some kind of get actors at location node, but this will certainly work too.