Is there any way to edit bone translation in an animation within Persona?

I’ve found that I can successfully edit and key bone rotation within Persona and then export the animation with the additive layers sort of baked in (I’m not an animator so I apologize if any terminology is wrong). However, when I edit and key translation, these changes do not get saved in the exported animation. Is there another method within Persona/UE4 in general to edit bone translation in animations and then save those changes to a new animation?

I’m not an expert on this stuff either, and I haven’t played with this a lot, but what I’ve found is that if you go over to the ‘Skeleton Tree > Options > Show Retargeting Options’ and change the bone in question’s Translation Retargeting method to Animation instead of Skeleton, it will accept translation data. Unfortunately, I can’t help with the theory aspect of why that is, or whether messing with your skeleton’s retargeting method will come back and bite you later. But it does at least work!

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