Is there any way to directly ask question to a particular user?

I am feeling embarrassed to ask my as I feel like I will be mocked . Is there any way to send a private question to a user whom I am following in epic answerhub.

Private message on epic forum to user with same name, as far as i’m aware, everyone have same account name here and there.

Thanks a lot.

Why should you feel embarrassed I had been on the laptop for sometime waiting for your question to pop up . See this forum is for everyone who wants to learn . No need to feel bad and not post your question publicly . Providing a question privately will only result to a single opinion provided if he/she responds . As you see no one here does a single job . Some may be progammers some may be sketch artist ,some may be cutscenes developers . So, if you wanna get any one single person’s opinion that’s your choice but if you ask me I would say you should post your questions on the forum.I shall follow you from now onwards friends so that I can help you as much possible .

Means a lot Thanks.

Alright post your question and i’ll see if I can help or let other users respond too.