Is there any way to create dynamic numbered variables? int32 Variable[1-100] ??

Is there any way to create a variable that’s say

int32 Variable#];

Then be able to create it via
Variable[1] = 2;

and call it via
VariableTest = Variable[1];
Result: VariableTest = 2


This is exactly what arrays are for:


TArray<int32> Variable;

Variable[0] = 2;

int32 VariableTest = Variable[0];

VariableTest = 2;

Is there any way to put the TArray inside a TSharedRef?

TArray<int32> Variable;
TSharedRef<Test> MyScrollBar[Variable] = Test;

can’t figure it out

you are always asking weird stuff ja, no need, use decorator UPROPERTY() over your tarray, daddy unreal will manage this for you like a TSharedRef

Still a way to do it apparently, never tried your response as I just realized this, though I might