Is there any way to constrain the GameplayTags list in the editor to only children of a specific GameplayTag?

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to make use of GameplayTags but I’m having some difficulties. I’m storing my weapon types in GameplayTags, so Weapons.Sword.OneHanded, Weapons.Bow, Elements.Fire, etc. What I want to do is have separate tag objects that the designers can set; one for element, one for weapon type, rather than just one big tag container that has every single type of tag, and then add them all to the main tag container at runtime. My issue is that when I make a tag editable, in the editor all the tags show up. How can I constrain the list to only show Elements and its children, Weapons and its children, etc.?

My temporary workaround is to just have an enum with the same names as the tags, and then use that in the editor and then in C++ I translate it to a GameplayTag, but this will become very cumbersome once I start using properties with a lot of children that could change frequently.

Here’s what I mean:

I would like it to be constrained like in the picture. If I scroll down, however, then other non-Elements tags also show up (not what I want).

Thank you for any help!

Figured it out thanks to DForsey in AnswerHub. The solution is to include ***meta = (Categories = "Elements’) ***in the UPROPERTY macro. Nice and simple :slight_smile: