Is there any way to animate things? I can't find a single tutorial in the subject

As the title says can I change or make new animations? I’ve tried messing around witht the first person blueprint example but I can’t find a way to change the shooting animation. Could somebody tell how to do so or direct me to a newbie tutorial? :stuck_out_tongue:

Animations are made in a 3d modeling tool such as Blender or 3ds max.

This tutorial series as some information about animations in ue4

At the moment you can only do basic movement animations using Matinee. But they’re adding a feature where you’ll be able to do some skeleton animation though it’s still best to use a software dedicated to that.

I’ve opened up the HeroFPP_skeleton and I can mark different areas and move them around. Though I don’t know how to record them. How do I do this?

That’s not possible → you cant animate a skeletal mesh in the UE4. Just basic movements are possible → e.g up, down, left, right,… You can do that with matinee or blueprints.
So for “real” animations you will have to use a 3d program like blender :slight_smile:

But the matine editor has such a simple way of moving the limbs! UE4 can already smothen out the animations between frames. Then what is the problem of doing it with movements where the body isn’t stuck in one position? I mean what gets harder when having different stanses for each frame? Why didn’t they just include a way to rig a couple of frames and make the skeleton smooth between the frames like it already does? This is incredibly annoying! Why should I have to buy an other program for a super simple animation? I’m basicly stuck I guess since I can’t make even a ultra simple animation ? :frowning:

That’s why they’re adding it

Blender is free