Is there any way to add splash screen for android mobile in unreal engine 4?

I have been looking for the answer here in forum from very beginning but i have not been able to get answer how to add splash screen for the android device in unreal engine. Has anyone been able to add splash screen for android devices? If anyone has please help me on this…


I didn’t tried my self with android but if I will I would start setting up a StartUp level with the animation or whatever you like to show and on animation end do the open call to the mainmenu/play level.

Excuse my english.

Hope it helps.

Hey Amir,

Have you tried going to Edit > Project Settings > Platforms - Android and adding in Launch Images? Those are splash screens for Android.

I hope this helps!

Hey ,
Thanks for the reply but i could not find out the option for Launch images for android.You are talking about 4.9 right? I have not use 4.10 .I know that option is available for ios Platform.

It’s in 4.10 binary, yes. If you’d like this option to be available for you, we suggest using the source (GitHub) version of the engine and adding in the additional features that you want as they’re released.

Okey, i will go for binary 4.10.
Thank you

Hi ,
So just to be clear there is no “Launch Images” feature in v4.9?

Is there another way to do a splash screen on v4.9?


I do not see the option for Android in 4.9 Binary. Your best bet is using 4.10. Here is our [documentation on launch screens][1].


Setting up Android Launch Screens in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation