Is there any way to add a component from a binding using python in sequencer?

I have a spawnables binding in sequencer, and I want to add a component track to it.
However, I cannot get an Actor from the binding.

When I spawn to the level, I can get the component, but from the binding, I seem to be getting something else that is not an Actor.

actor = unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.spawn_actor_from_object(charaActorPath, pos, rot)
components = actor.get_component_by_class(unreal.SkeletalMeshComponent)

components return SkeletalMeshComponentList

template = binding.get_object_template()
components = template.get_component_by_class(unreal.SkeletalMeshComponent)

components return None

Is it possible to get an Actor or component from the sequencer?

I know there are some samples there on your UE installation Engine\Plugins\MovieScene\SequencerScripting\Content\Python, that can give you some ideas on how to manipulate sequence, bindings and tracks.

Thank you for your reply.

I know of some nice samples out there.
However, it doesn’t seem to have the code I want.

From the sample I am able to get the binding and track, but I am having trouble getting the actor or component from that data.

At the point when I add an Actor to a sequencer I have stored the Actor, so I can get the component from there.
If I then want to add a component to another sequencer, I can’t get the actor from the sequencer because I don’t have the actor stored.

Am I missing something in the code?

I would love to know the answer to this too. I’ve been fighting with the exact same situation for 2 days now. The object template seems like it should at least be equivalent to accessing the class default but still returns no components.

In the sequencer itself you add component tracks the same as any track type except its in a separate list for components so I’ve also tried looking at all the available track types in python but none of them look like they would do the job.

Really frustrated considering it seems like it should be any easy task but nothing is working.

I’m trying to find the answer too. Have you figured out?