Is there any way to access the files in the content folder via blueprint ?

no no!

if you are building from source code that explains the issue!
Github and full release versions of UE4 stopped being binary compatible back in 4.4**

So you cant ever treat them as the same

I dont see what the issue is though

if you have source code just use my full Victory BP C++ source code that I give you with every build and compile it yourself!

Every version of my plugin that I’ve ever released contains the full source code!

  1. Just start a new C++ project using your github version, then copy over my entire download, and compile.

  2. Once its done, you can copy the .dlls over from your new c++ project to your main project which may not be C++ based.

  3. Now this compiled version of my plugin will be binary compatible with your custom github engine version :slight_smile:

And make sure you are using my latest version, dated today