Is There Any Way Of Sorting Stuff In The Marketplace..?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been looking at stuff in the Marketplace but can’t see any way of sorting stuff by value. I’m planning on making VR experiences and maybe later, games, for a hobby. Anything I make I’ll submit to the Oculus Share place (although I think they’ve renamed it now but can’t remember its new name. You get the idea anyway lol) for free.

Because I’m not planning on making any money from this I’m looking for free content. The only free stuff I’ve noticed on there so far is by clicking on the Epic name in the list of environments in the Environments category and getting the free stuff from there.

Is there some way to find free stuff, I’m surprised there isn’t a special link for free stuff in the Categories list tbh.

At the moment the only free stuff IS the stuff by epic. The rest of us have to charge 4.99 minimum.

If you check out this thread though, there is a LOT of community made free content :slight_smile:

Ah, brilliant. Thanks for that! Much appreciated, ta! :smiley: