Is there any way i can move a capsule component of a third person character because it is not in the middle ?

I need to somehow move this capsule component or my character isn’t in the middle of the screen. If i move the character but the capsule component stay where it is (is a little off to the right) then i can see throw walls…

If i move the camera to the exact location / middle of this capsule component then the character is little of to the right as well and my crosshair (which is placed exactly in the middle of the screen) is off then…

If it’s based on the default first person, you can’t move it. Unless you want to start using CPP :slight_smile:

It looks like it’s bang on to me


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Hi again :wave:

yeah on the screenshot the cam is in the middle but the capsule component is little off to the right and that was the problem… I found the problem tough the camera was attached to a “camera boom” and this camera boom was set false. I set it back to 0.0.0 and it moved exact back in the middle of this capsule component then i set the camera under it as well back to 0.0.0 and that fixed the whole thing… :muscle:


old- only camera was set to 0.0.0 (capsule not in the middle) Even if i moved the camera alone to the middle of the capsule component then the crosshair in game was not in the middle of the screen… Well the cam was attached to this camera boom and that was the problem…
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