Is there any useful tool to create labyrinth?


I’m planning to create a level with labyrinth in it, it’s not gonna be something epic, actually I was planning to create whole labyrinth with BSP. But I\m wondering if there is a tool that could be helpful with that.

Thank you!

A tool for designing the labyrinth or creating it in UE4?

Hi Lucifgy,

Jayden Miller’s “Maze Creator” is currently on sale on the Marketplace.
Without learning how to create procedural mazes or creating a maze by hand, this would be your quickest option.

If you fancy trying your hand at setting up a procedural maze, this tutorial by Voxagon [I think he/she goes by a different alias on the forums] would be a good starting point.
Be aware though that the tutorial was created using version 4.6 of the engine, and may be slightly different when implementing in any later versions.

Hope it helps,

Yes, Maze Creator is currently on sale, for I believe 2 more days :slight_smile: I believe this would be extremely helpful to you and your project.