Is there any Unreal endorsed classes or seminars?

I would like to have a guided learning environment with an instructor that is knowledgeable about the Unreal Engine. I have money and time, but have no idea where to go to find such a service.

I would even take an internship…

Keep an eye on this site: they are always posting tutorials on the newest software and its $45 bucks a month but it is worth it. The courses are taught by industry professionals. I believe you can watch some of the free videos with a starter account for free.

Im looking for something with an actual person. My learning style is more to try on my own and have someone there once i have developed a question

I understand that there is one university in England that has an academic partnership with Epic Games — Saffordshire I think, but I forget the details — it may have something to do with PitBull games being in UK, who are doing some work on the engine. Well, they’re a fair drive up the A1 from Sheffield, so probably not.

My college teachers Unreal in its L6 and L7 digital diploma ( … we’re in balmy New Zealand, with two campuses (City and Beach) and it’s cosy and relatively cheap choice for international study with accomodation.

Having said that, I think for your questions on UE4 you will go far by just hammering away on the forums and this hub. Really. It’s free and all.

Money is no issue and I work remotely so traveling is not an issue either. Just looking for quality training.

Definitely gonna keep hammering away though none the less