Is there any course assets?


I wonder is there any unreal academy course assets to download? Example: I am watching Blueprints for Enterprises course and instructor is talking that there should be some course assets to download. Same issue is with many (all?) courses at unreal acedemy, no course assets to learn with. It would be nice that you could watch and learn by doing and do same things as instructor.

There should be a link to course assets below the video players under additional info. Bottom left hand corner.

Could someone please be more specific or provide a screen shot? I can’t see anything that says “additional info”. Thanks for help.


At the bottom of the Jumbotron is a link (not for all courses) that says “More information”.
Once you click the link, you see “Marketplace Redemption Code:”
There is a link next to this (note that for this specific course, this is an actual http/web link, not a redemption code).

When I posted this question, I started the “Blueprint for Enterprise” course through the “Exploring Blueprints” course.
The “Exploring Blueprints” course doesn’t have a “More information” link.

To find the course assets for the “Blueprint for Enterprise” course, you need to go to the actual “Blueprint for Enterprise” course NOT the “Exploring Blueprints” course.

This is a confusing and annoying user experience that wastes new users’ time.