Is there any tool to edit UV and texture at the same time?

I have some models that are already UV mapped and textured, now I’m working on a VR game and I’d like to optimize it as much as possible and combine all the meshes and textures into 1.

Let’s say I want to scale down and move some UVs, later I would need to go into photoshop and do the same for each texture and align it to the new UV map, and I would need to do this for albedo, roughness etc. with will take a lot of time.
Is there any tool that will allow me to edit the UVs and textures at the same time?

In 3ds max you could use the Render to Texture tool, basically make your new UV layout on a new channel, and then go to Render to Texture and set the destination UV channel to your new UV’s, then it’ll take your map and render it to the new UV’s.