Is there any tool or way or node to find out memory leak when working with blueprints???

I was just experimenting with some blueprints topic and was working in level blueprint …took some references of some cameras in level blueprint and then everything was working fine but I noticed one thing that frame per seconds were dropping from 75fps to 4.33fps(memory leak started when I hit compile button and run the game and came back to editor)…so while memory leak I also noticed one thing that upper right corner in editor you can see the memory (MB amount that UE4 using were increasing) so…I deleted the nodes from level blueprint and fps were back to its normal 75 fps and then I built everything again same in level blueprint but everything is fine…I am still trying to find out how that memory leak happened…

But is there any other way to really figure out or to know where, when and how this happens with blueprint only.......................

I am not asking about C++ cause for C++ there are tools available to figure out memory leak but not for Blueprint so if you have any please let me know.

Thank you.

Update 01: I kept open that project (experimental) mentioned above for one and half hour and didn’t do anything now when I came back to it… and played in editor and then stopped after sometime it started leaking again

The best thing you can do is to narrow down which areas or nodes might be causing the leak.

2 ways I can think of to cause a memory leak. You could be filling an array without end, or continually spawning actors into the world.

i thought you cannot create memory leak in blueprint, since you actually dont have any access to memory, only to data
pretty much everything which @zeustiak said.

Update 02: I have noticed one thing that while Leaking GPU usage is 0%…even while playing in editor GPU usage was 0% but game was running 32 FPS (as I mentioned in console command otherwise it going beyond 32 fps) but still GPU usage 0% …seems like to me that leakage is simply all about the data from GPU or GPU response itself is totally lost for realtime rendering or whatever feature in UE4 that use GPU for realtime rendering sending (populating) all data directly into memory(RAM) thinking RAM as GPU.

In the level viewport, click the little arrow in the upper left hand corner. Select Stat>Engine>Detailed.

This will show you a graph with Frame, Game, Draw, and GPU. Might help you narrow it down further.

I did that already …I do that all the time but really GPU was totally dead …but thanks for your help :slight_smile:

dude I was experimenting on cameras to make it like GOD OF WAR type of cameras (like switching between them when you reach to particular area) I didn’t use arrays and neither I was spawning actors into the world …I said I took references of them (cameras) and triggers and all everything I did in level blueprint and all I needed was player controller but I am trying to findout what could be the possible reason of memory leak cause what I was doing was super simple.

Dude Zeustiak man I just saw those of your work Map generator…those are fantastic you are master in BP man …\m/ :)\m/

Blueprint driven procedural generation is fun to look at, but i dont think is good to use.

If possible, you should provide screens of the areas that you are modifying. Might be something that someone can see that you are missing.

Also, what version?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

That is a rather blanket statement that doesn’t really make sense unless you apply it to a specific use case. For instance, if you wanted to emulate No Man’s Sky or Minecraft, then you would not necessarily be wrong. But there are many uses for procedural generation beyond that, so don’t paint yourself into a box for no good reason.

In my case, I can go through about 2 billion iterations in blueprint in about 30 seconds which is enough to make a good 5000 tile map with simulated tectonics and weather that players will use for many hours.

yea, im tallking about generating world from small tiles, like minecraft, mb in your case there are not that many “blocks” need to be created, but 66kk calcualtion per sec, i dont belive in that number, sry.