Is there any select tool for the editor?

Is there any kind of drag tool that you can use in the editor so that I can select parts of the map (like you can do with the lasso tool in the foliage editor) and then copy all so for example a modular house that could have hundreds of meshes. What I am doing now is control clicking on each mesh and then copy, move to a different part of the map and pasting. This takes forever and a lot of times you miss something so does anyone know if there is some hidden tool I could use to drag a selection over the house and just select everything in that area.

Don’t know if you can select multiple things in the viewport but you can do it in the outliner (top right thing) at least. If you group your things using folders it should be pretty easy. You can copy/paste there as well.

If I remember correctly you can hold Ctrl+Alt and be able to drag and select multiple meshes. Just have to be careful with what is selected (Skybox for example). But as Cyaoeu suggested, grouping in folders is a big help too.


@Horusalis @cyaoeu
Thanks I’ll try that out.

That’s great, I had to search to find this.

But how do you prevent the Sky Sphere from always being selected using this method?