Is there any Reference Documentation for various blueprint nodes?

I’m trying to practice more and more blueprint stuff by creating different projects. I’ve worked in Unity earlier with C# and I don’t have much knowledge in c++, so that’s why I want to learn Blueprints.

I’ve gone through the official documentation of the blueprints and many tutorials. So, I was hoping if there is any documentation that provides a reference for different nodes used in the blueprints just like we have reference documentation for coding. For eg: What a node like “Multi sphere Trace by channel” does, etc.

It might be good to know the functionality of a particular node instead of going through trial and error every time you try something new. If there isn’t any documentation about that maybe Unreal should provide one.


Many of the nodes have helpful tooltips, but I agree that a central documentation for them should exist.

Hi everyone,

This documentation page is already under consideration by the documentation team. I unfortunately do not have a timeframe of when it would become available to users.

Good to know it is in the works, I was hoping for a ‘Blueprint API’ type of documentation so I can figure out what a couple of nodes actually do, this is great! One for advanced material nodes would be helpful as well, but there is some info on these already in the docs.

Good to hear that…Hope to see it soon…

It’s almost october now and no announcements about this documentation page. I see it on Trello, but I don’t even see the beginnings of work in this regard. Did this project get dropped?

UE4 is only about 6 months + old. Give it a bit of time. But yes, some timeline will be nice.

While they work on the docs, you could try:

  • experimenting with different nodes (try them out and see what they do!)
  • use the tooltips and descriptions to get a lead on what they do
  • look over all Epic examples and showcases available in the marketplace (there’s a ton!)

I used and still use the above methods for creating all my blueprints; I can tell you it works. Not exactly easy or user friendliest way of learning, but it’s not impossible. True that docs would be great and I also look forward to getting hold of that, but guess what I’m saying is don’t be afraid to test things out and experiment with the different nodes in BP!

Hey everyone!

We have been hard at work on an API reference for the Blueprint nodes. In the process, we have also been cleaning up the tooltips in the editor to make them easier to read and generally more useful.

I’m pretty confident we will have something available for you very soon. Just to give you an idea of what we have been up to, here is a sneak peak at one of the pages:

P.S. - That is not a screenshot of a node. It is HTML/CSS with working tooltips for the pins. Oh, and just for fun the Location Type dropdown works too. :smiley:

That looks like it’ll be very useful!

And the better tooltips will be nice. In 4.4.3 t seems like the tooltips on everything I already understand explain things well, and the tooltips I don’t are unrelated to the thing I’m hovering over, or are placeholders for future documentation: “Description of final material inputs”

Keep up the good job guys. Looking forward to see the improvements.

That looks awesome Jeff! Exactly how I thought a Blueprint API reference should look. :slight_smile: This will be a huge help when it is complete, so thank you for this.

ps. Are you guys also planning to do a similar API style documentation of the material nodes? It would be great to have all of the node-based editors reference done up in a similar fashion.

We do have the Material Expression Reference and the Material Functions Reference, which are basically the same thing in a slightly different format. They aren’t automatically generated, unfortunately, but we try to keep them up to date.

If there are changes we could make to those to improve them, I would love to hear it.