Is there any node that work as 100+ branch?

Here this is I want, I want my object pass through door for 100+ doors.
if object got inside door then door is closed (boolean=false) so next object will seek next door and so on than 100+.

or if door 1 - 10 is closed and I set door 2 to opened , object must get to door 2 before door 11.

So there is always only 1 correct door to pass through or 1-10 can be passed through randomly?

If it isn’t random then each door could just have a reference to the “next” door.

If it is random when 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 is closed they need to be in a group (array) and this can call an event when they are all closed. Easy way would be to give the door a group ID and use that on Construct to create the array.

It’s not random.
and I don’t get how reference work with this?
not just 10 but I work more than 100+

You need a way to know about the next door so each door has a instance editable variable perhaps called “NextDoor” and in the level editor you set up this reference.

Still can’t find a resolve with this
well,I am so lazy to do this for over 100+ times

Would executing queries and iterating over doors help you in any way? For instance, you can easily iterate over actors based on a tag search.…Tag/index.html.

You should never repeat yourself.

  1. Add a “NextDoor” variable to the “Door” class of type “Door”
  2. EventBeginOverlap Calls “DoorAction” on “NextDoor”
  3. Place the instances of doors. Door1, Door2, Door3 etc.
  4. In Door1 you set the “NextDoor” as Door2
  5. in Door2 you set the “NextDoor” as Door3 etc…

You don’t need to make 100 branches you just need to set “NextDoor” to chain link all the doors.