Is there any model size limit for WebGL project?

Hi there!

I want to render the apartments model like this UNREAL PARIS 1.1 - Virtual Tour - Unreal Engine 4 | @25fps720p - OFFICIAL - YouTube in browser.
Is there any litmit for model, which i can render? Or am I limited by only the power of the PC and Internet speed?

P.S. That the models will be loaded in the browser slow does not matter.


I don’t know how the paris apartment is set up but I don’t think there is any model size limit that you couldn’t get around by splitting up the model into smaller parts. I think, in theory, your main limiting factors are going to be browser memory limits (so try 64bit firefox/nightly browsers maybe?) and what you can render with WebGL. WebGL is pretty close to OpenGL ES2 features but with your desktop machine cpu & gpu to back it up. But it’d be awesome to see that in a browser!

Thanx dude!