Is there any keyboard shortcut to make a reroute pin?

I’m using a lot of reroute pins to order and maintain a legible flow on my blueprints. I found that when I want to put several reroute pins the process is a bit uncomfortable because I always have to scroll down for the reroute option at the end of the blueprint actions. I would like to be able to hit a key and then a reroute pin is placed, or to just drag one directly from a node. It is already possible or there are any plans for implementing it? Thanks in advance


Hi Juan,

There aren’t any plans at the moment. We’d like to eventually add hit testing for splines, and if that happens, we’d almost certainly add a key to be able to insert a reroute node directly on the spline you clicked.

However, for right now you can add something like this to your DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini in your game project:

In DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini:     
+Node=(Class=K2Node_Knot Key=R Shift=true Ctrl=false Alt=false)

Which will cause it to insert a reroute node when you click the mouse while R is held down, but it won’t be wired up to anything.

Michael Noland



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Thanks Michael, this helps me a lot at the moment

As a heads up, this feature was added during 4.8 development. You can now directly interact with splines in the graph editors, and double-click on them to insert reroute nodes in Blueprints:

Graph Editor: Added support for hovering and interacting with splines

  • Alt+LMB Click on the spline to break the connection
  • Ctrl+LMB Click on the spline to move the connection to a different pin
  • Hover over the spline to highlight it or see the tooltip
  • Double-click to insert a reroute node (Blueprint graphs only)

Michael Noland


Thanks again Michael, that sounds really interesting, looking forward to try it on the next release

Hi Ben, I’m happy with having this question in the answer hub as well :slight_smile: