Is there any good Tutorial to add animations to character

… on How we can teach Manni Quinn new Animations? Or how to implement a custom character with custom animations? I just found the one for the A.R.T. Tool but since iam not familar with Maya ( iam more like the Max guy) i have no idea what the workflow would be. So is there any tutorial on How to Create, Rig, Animate and Implement a Custom Character into UE4?

thx in advance

-rigg and animation → just seach on google for a rigging and animating tutorial :slight_smile:
-custom character: (here you learn everything about the character bp, animations, animation bp,…

You would create your character in a 3d program, animate it, export the character and animations as .fbx files. Then follow the tutorials on importing and implementing them.

so i got my rigged model loaded into 3ds max did some basic animation. do i export the whole model as an animation or just the animated skeleton?

just export everything -> so the skeletal mesh + the anims :slight_smile: After you have imported it, you should see a skeletal mesh actor + animations in the ue4