Is there any free sample MOBA game project?

Where can I get starter kit for MOBA game like DOTA for Unreal Engine 4.15 like the starter kit there UDK | MOBAKit ?
Or how should I open the starter kit, mentioned above, in UE 4.15?
Thank you.

There is a community tutorial series on it: Let's Make: MOBA Video series - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

And a $70 marketplace pack: Tower Defence and MOBA Pack in Environments - UE Marketplace

Couldn’t find a free one though.

Yea, about the UDK to UE4. I don’t think that is possible since UDK used UnrealScript and UE4 is C++. A quick search didn’t turn up any converters.

TY, your answer has helped me partially