Is there any free props at all besides whats in Ureal Engine props?

UE really doesn’t give you much does it?? Im trying to create a realistic house/manor and there’s nothing out there.
Like beds,baths,sinks,fridges, well you get the idea. Is there any free content at all out there?? Ik there is free environment’s
(The realistic Rendering one comes to mind)
But what good is that gonna do me? I cant really do anything beyond that demo. I could stretch the apartment out a lil
I guess to make it bigger and put a trigger to make the doors open(providing its even possible todo that in the rendering demo)
And reuse the props inside the apartment but It wouldn be mine. It would be a demo I expanded on.
Anyway if there’s any free props out there please let me know.
Ive heard you can make your own props. Is that difficult todo?

You do realize you can migrate the assets to other projects and do anything with them, they are just static meshes, so you could create blueprints and have doors open with triggers in your very own project. Check out the learn tab in the launcher, there is a tonne of free content available to use.

Just learn to make your own, download blender and watch some tutorials.

Unreal actually gives a pretty generous amount of free, and real high quality stuff, open up unity and see how much great content is there from the get go, not much.

^^ Unless you create your own assets they aren’t ever ‘yours’ are they?

You could also have a look at the Xoio Berlin flat & Lightroom: Interior Daylight examples.

Start learning Blender while playing with the high quality assets that have been provided for free =]

Check out this thread:


ok ty. I didn know I could migrate meshes.Kinda learning this as I go like I did with Unity. I will get blender.

And awesome find. ty :slight_smile:

Here you can also download some free content -> www.blendswap :slight_smile:

Balance this with the idea that ‘Free = not exclusive’. In other words - what if you make an awesome game and someone else makes a crappy game of the same type but both of your games use a lot of the same assets? How does a customer differentiate between the two games? This has always been the downfall of Unity. The guys who make Unity make a ton of money, the developers make a ton of games that ALL look alike.

These are fine for ArchViz, but not for gaming. ://www.yepsketch/index.php