Is there any free facial animation software?

Hello, i created a few characters using Makehuman and rigged/animated them using Mixamo. I saw that Mixamo has a free facial animation tool for Unity, I would like to ask if there is anything like that tool for Unreal Engine 4 (free if possible, I am only 17 years old). I don’t need everything from that tool, just a few basic face animations. Is there any free plugin for UE4, or software that can export those animations to fbx ?

there is “FaceRig” on steam, its not free but its fairly cheap for the quality it gives.
Havent really used it myself though, just for goofing off.

Advanced Skeleton has facial rigging features, and it’s free unless you are using it to earn money, but they have affordable indie prices.

I may be wrong, but isn’t that just a toy tool?
Doesn’t look like it has any use within UE4 or any export options other than straight to video/skype.

You can export the data for rigging etc.

The Studio Version (2000$), yes. but not the standard version available on steam.

*316 euro

also, baww never knew that.
I should double-check my knowledge sometimes before spouting it.

Oh, I clicked on the wrong Licence. You are right, about 300€ for a personal licence.

You can use iClone! kind of expensive for the nonpirate legit but also broke indie developers at $700+ software for 3 software in the pipeline: iClone , 3dXchange to transfer between stuff, character creator for creating characters.
seems lacking in clothing/hair but u can theoretically import them as fbx from daz via the 3dxchange program.

iClone skeleton is cool cos theres a lot of good morphs on the face for expressiveness, and you can load a sound into it and it will move the mouth. or u can have the part on loop, then record each bone/morph separate on different passes
also you can record while playing with sliders like Exaggerated/not exaggerated etc

mixamo still has a maya plugin, but you got to have Maya to use it. Blender has a nice face rig within rigify but then again good luck getting it to work with ue4. I gave up and pulled out my dusty Maya and started using it. I bought a liscene back when I was much younger and had a good job.

if he is asking for free software, i dont think paying 700$ could be an alternative